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Sets of fine silver, hollowware, flatware and more, Big Apple Antiques is always buying fine silver. Whether you've recently inherited some pieces, are looking to downsize or would just like to sell, we are available 7 days a week.
We didn't have any reason to keep the silver serving set anymore. So, I made an appointment with Mr. Katz and he bought the whole set!
Dale T.
From one piece of fine silver hollowware to an entire set, a huge silver flatware set or one mint julep cup - Big Apple Antiques is ready to buy your fine silver for cash.
Maybe your tastes have changed, or perhaps you inherited a set of fine silver and just don't want it, then you should contact us for a free, no hassle appointment and sell your silver for cash. We are always buying fine silver, presentation pieces, trays, trophies, loving cups and more.
Why continue with the hassle of polishing and storing sets of silver that you really don't want to use? Turn those unwanted pieces into cash today with Big Apple Antiques. Most folks today would rather enjoy their time, then sit and polish silver all day just to wrap it up in plastic wrap and store it away in a closet.
Decorating and entertaining has changed over the years and your pieces should keep up with the times! Antique silver sets, tea sets with trays, flatware and more are always in style at Big Apple because we are always buying.
We are prepared to buy your fine silver from one piece to an entire collection.
Contact us today for a free, no pressure evaluation of your antiques, jewelry, fine silver, furniture, paintings and more. We are available 7 days a week. Call us today at 212-260-0769 or email for your appointment.